About us

ImoNova was founded in 2000. The company's headquarters are in Belgrade, Zmaj Jovina 4.

During a decade of work, ImoNova has managed to maintain the quality of work with its clients in the field of real estate trade and lease. In cooperation with buyers, permanent and intensive search for adequate solutions, presentation of the real situation and true information, while real estate owners are provided with professional presentation and adequate advertising and publicity. As its competitive advantage, ImoNova emphasizes the imperative of balance between buyers and owners, tenants and lessors and a non-biased presentation of the condition of the facility, with a very careful and measured analysis and evaluation of all advantages and disadvantages. This is evidenced by the large number of clients who have dedicated their trust to our company many times. We always offer a large number of structurally and functionally diverse facilities and plots, which in conjunction with many years of experience is a stable basis for cooperation. Experienced and professional agents and managers are at your service in giving a realistic opinion about the value of real estate, provide quality presentation of real estate to buyers, and legal assistance is offered by our law firm.

Since 2003, the company Imoova d.o.o. has been participating in investment construction with a number of successfully implemented projects.

Today, under the name ImoNova nekretnine, the activity is performed by two agencies, registered in the register of intermediaries, Imonova DOO (ord. No. In reg. 196), Imonova G (ord. No. In reg. 125).

The ImoNova team is always at your service.